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Share PDF dictionaries in Indigenous languages

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 The documents offered on this site are free of copyright according to the standard term of copyright.
They all largely exceed the Canadian, French, English, American requirements and also those established by UNESCO, 
and this in accordance with the provisions of the Code of intellectual property. The standard duration is 50 years after publication.


See my Mi'kma'ki site for more details (french/mi'kmaq)


- “Theoretical and practical grammatical lessons of the Mi'kmaq language” - Father Pacific, published in 1939 (o rt h ograph Pacific ) - 243 pages.

 - "" Grammar of the Mikmaq language "- Father Antoine Maillard, published in 1864. (Maillard spelling) - 101 pages.

 - "English Micmac Dictionary" - Rev. Silas Tertius Rand, published in 1888. (spelling Rand) - 286 pages.

 - "Lexique Algonquin" (Algonkin / French) JA, Cuoq, priest of St-Sulpice - published in 1886 - 442 pages

 - "Dictionnaire Montagnois" manuscript of Father Antoine Silvy Jésuite - written in 1678 - 104 pages.

 - “Lexicon Iroquois” with notes and appendices - JA Cuoq, priest of Saint-Sulpice - published in 1882 - 238 pages.

 - "Small Dictionary of the language of the Iroquois of the nation of Agnie" manuscript written in 1700 - La Galissonniere, ERMB - 168 pages.

 - "Wild Languages ​​of America" ​​- NO, published in 1866 (French, Algonquin, Iroquois) - 157 pages.

 - "New Familiar Abenakis and English Dialogues, The first ever published on the grammatical system - Jos. Laurent, Abenakis Chief - p in 1884 - 230 p.
- "Wobanaki Kimzowi Awighigan" - PP WZOKHILAIN, published in 1830 (Abenaki spelling) - 98 pages.

 - “Huron / French manuscript dictionary” - written in 1663 by Father Pierre-Joseph-Marie Chaumonot Jésuite. Including conversation. - 257 p.

 - “Dictionary of the Cree language” - Rev. Father ALB. LACOMBE, Ptre, published in 1874. - 190 pages.

 - "Natick Dictionary", - James Hammond Trumbull, published in 1903. - 349 pages.

 - "Grammar of the Massachusetts Indian Language" - John Eliot, published in 1822 - 160 pages.

 - "Dakota / English Grammar" - Published by Washington Government Office, - published in 1893. - 232 pages.

 - "English Dakota School Dictionary" - published in 1886 - 144 pages.

 - "Lahcotah / English Dictionary" - published in 1866 - 40 pages.

 - "An English-Dakota Dictionary" - John P. Williamson, AM, DD - published in 1902. - 270 pages.

 - "Dictionary of Ojibway Indian Language" english / ojibway - RR BISHOP BARAGA. - 1878 - 729 pages.

 - "Navaho Grammar" Gladys A. Reiohard - published in 1951 - 395 pages.

 - A Ethnology Dictionary of the Navaho Language - The Franciscan Fathers, Saint Michaels. published in 1910 - 542 pages.

 - "The Adverbial and Propositional Prefixes in Blackfoot" (Blackfoot-English Siksika language ) - Leiden, Van Nifterik - 1917 - 130 pages.

 - "Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan and grammar of their language" - A. d. BLACKBIRD, published 1887 - 186 pages.

- "A Dictionary of the Otchipwe Language" Part I, English-Otchipwe - R. R, Bishop Bagara - published in 1878 - 422 pages.

- “Theoretical and Practical Grammar of the Otchipwe Language” - REV. FREDERICK BARAGA - published in 1950 - 576 pages.



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