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Examples of "trees" of ancestors


The ancestor tree is listing all found ancestors of an individual from all branches or lineages


All the Aboriginal genealogies offered are accompanied by archival documents


 (These examples are intentionally very short given the space on the website)





 Sample of a family tree of many generations


(Example in miniature for website purposes)

 Full treeFull tree

... plus the coresponding archive documents





Genealogy of Mr. Konrad Sioui elected Grand Chief of Wendake in 2008, reelected in 2012 and 2016.

Example of a tree with few generations

Konrad Sioui genealogyKonrad Sioui genealogy

(This example is intentionally short for the purposes of this website)





Genealogy of Mr. Max Gros-Louis Grand Chief of the Wendat nation from 1964 to 1984, and from 1987 to 1996

Max Gros-Louis genealogyMax Gros-Louis genealogy

 (Tthis example is intentionally short for the purposes of this website) 


You will notice that in the genealogy of Mr. Max "Oné Onti" Gros-Louis his native links are from his paternal line only.


That does not mean that the french lineage of his grand mother Vitaline Brindamour and her ancestors

were of "pure French blood", French people being from multiple roots.

To the groups present in the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras were added successive waves of Celts,

then in the 3rd century waves of the Frankish, Visigothic, Alaman and Burgundian peoples and in the

9th century of the Vikings who settled in Neustria (now Normandie)

which name has its origin from “men” from the “north” which refers to the Scandinavians.



Genealogy of hockey player René Bourque 

Rene Bourque genealogyRene Bourque genealogy

(This example is intentionally short for the purposes of this website) 

 (Details regarding the first generations have been intentionally omitted in this example)








AncestryDNA, 23andMe, AncestrybyDNA and MyHeritage tests haveyou covered

   only on the geographical areas of the origin of your ancestors.

   These tests do not help you find out the breed of your ancestors or build your family tree. 

   The genealogy is much more precise, it allows to go back from generation to generation.




   Dead end


 It is sometimes very difficult to find information. For example, the marriage certificate may have disappeared, never existed (de facto spouses or natural or adoptive children) or be incomplete. Most of the time, secondary or tertiary proof can replace the missing document. Rest assured, a reasonable research will be done.





  ***Un paiement complet OU un dépôt couvrant la moitié des frais devra être fait

afin de réserver le temps nécessaire à la recherche en considérant l'ordre des demandes reçues***


*** A full payment OR a deposit covering half of the costs will have to be made

in order to reserve the time needed for the research considering the requests already received ***




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 Il faut du temps.  Rien ne sert de faire une demande de

recherche généalogique si vous êtes pressé(e).


Cette "recherche généalogique" ne peut remplacer une

"recherche successorale" qui pourrait être faite par un(e) notaire.



Acording to the requests already in progress

the next availability would be in mid March


 Ask for a genealogical research


By using this email I will let you know when

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It takes time. There is no point in requesting a genealogical

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This "genealogical research" cannot replace

a "legal research" from a notary.



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The actual price list may be subject to modifications at the end of the year.

Please note that this service is not offered the last week of December and the first week of January.